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(Emerging Light)
What is White racial identity and why is it important?

'Racial solidarity for we, but not for thee...Whitey.' -The New Anti-White Abnormal

Are anti-Whites inadvertently helping deracinated Whites to become more racially self-aware, to identify positively as White and to collectivize, to galvanize and to organize specifically around race?

What is White racial identity, and why is it important?

“White people got to start getting together, specifically around race.”

(Son of Dorset)

Multiculturalism sure makes you love your people doesn't it?

It sure does. Not so long ago we didn't "perceive" our whiteness, because we didn't have to. Now we must be more than racially conscious, we must defend it at every turn and teach our kids.

What we see happening will, without a doubt, begin to cause normies to say, "Wait a second, here, this is wrong. I'm not going to throw my culture, heritage, and ancestors away just to please people with severe inferiority complexes, who will hate me no matter what."



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