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(Marjorie Taylor Greene)

spoilerToday, join me in prayer to END abortion in America!

@RealMarjorieGreene get over the abortion thing. Defend our borders is wayyyyy more important. Blacks killing their kids aren’t the end of the world. The borders are the end of America

@RealMarjorieGreene I'm truly sad at the amount of people that see nothing wrong with abortion. It was a subject that wasn't discussed to this level before. Now that it is being discussed most people I've talked to think its not wrong as long as its not past a certain time. Most of the people have said up to 20-24 weeks is ok. I just don't understand how they have become to numb to the fact that it is literally ending a life! These woman are causing their child to be killed and see nothing wrong with that. Heartbreaking and completely selfish.

@RealMarjorieGreene We pray you call it murder because it is.

Imprison baby killers and accomplices!

@RealMarjorieGreene Abortion has been overturned, now same sex marriage is next.


spoilerToday, join me in prayer to END the 1965 immigration act in America!


How about one Marxist, Rino or Dem, making the common sense statement that 'niggers with guns' is the number one domestic terrorist threat in America?

That person would win in a land slide, in every voting district in the US.

according to the sub human diseased democrats u did abortion is illegal in every state no more cumdumping whores can muder there babies they have to take responsibility for being a filthy demon cum dump whore...oh wait ...haha

@RealMarjorieGreene "Today, join me in prayer to increase the non-White population in America by 400-500%!"

~Marjorie Taylor Green



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