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SuicideFuel What is wrong with Dutch girls?

This post is mainly for Dutchcels, but if you want to share your thoughts about this then you are more than welcome. Can anyone explain to me why every foid in the Netherlands wants to date a Turkish/Moroccan guy?

When I go on tiktok and instagram all I see is memes about how they want a Moroccan or Turkish guy in tight tracksuits. Even the highclass hockey girls often talk about hot Moroccan and Turkish guys in class. The stereotype of them being a drugdealer/low life scum is appealing to them??? I seriously don’t understand that. They aren’t even tall in general, like 1,75m at most which is ~6cm below average in the Netherlands. They are also very disrespectful towards foids but even they seem to like that when they call them a whore?? WHAT the fuck is WRONG with Dutch foids?? Is it the dark curly hair that Dutch boys don’t have? Is it the dark eyes paired with a well tanned face?? Why are Dutch foids so into foreign or halfblooded Moroccans and Turks??

Biggest bullshit I've ever heard. Dutch/Turkish guys are often truecels who rot in the mosque or wageslave for pennies or maybe rob some stores because they don't have any money. Dutch girls HATE Arabs. OP is gigacoping. Moroccans are legit the most hated people in the Netherlands.

i think ure teracoping rn my nig, women are all coalburners and dogburners, plz stop with the bs

It's literally an official statistic from the CBS you utter retard. If you look at the statistics on the dislike of Moroccans you will find that women dislike Moroccans more than men. You are gigacoping hard, they hate us, ESPECIALLY WIHITE WOMEN.

okayden mr statistician



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