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My thoughts for the day,

Concerning what is going on in our World today, what is about to happen, and the patience we need in order to wait for it.

We must never forget the story of Esther, in the Old Testament, Chapters 2 thru 7…..

Queen Vashti is in comparison to the (Swamp, Liberal Democrats, Liberal Republicans, Establishment Washington Insiders, Media, etc., etc.)

Donald Trump is as Esther the Queen, King Ahasuerus is the United States of America, Mordecai is the representative of God, bringing about His plan for the destruction of the evil ones (Haman the deceiver of the people) which are in the government, that are now determined to destroy that which He established here on earth.

As it was with the Rulers of England, on July 4th, 1776, so it was with Vashti. Her fate was sealed.

But remember, Haman (as the liberal congress) was still at work, and doing his thing to bring himself to power, for the destruction, the literal killing of all the children of Israel. But God had His plan, and His plan always works. It just sometimes takes more time then we humans think it should..
This is the vehicle that is being used to take us back to the original power of the people, intended by our founding fathers. It does not happen over night, neither was the election of an outsider to the White House. Nobody expected Vashti to be removed, and Esther to be made Queen, (an Israelite)….. But, Mordecai did.. 🙂

The Establishment does not fear what is about to happen, nor does it have any present effect on their power structure going on, but God knows all about it….. 🙂



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