Jerek #pedo #sexist

SuicideFuel Spying on teens from above, in summer, absolutely puts me in a suicidal feel.

So, i live in an apartment which is roughly 200' above ground, and it gives you a nice view on the neighborhood, basically a park and a place near my house where teens usually gather. Obiviously i've bought a binocular and i usually spend some time spying on them.

Today there are two groups, the first one is composed by a young chad, a hot girl and a fat girl. Hot girl is lying and resting her legs on chad while he is caressing her thighs. The fat girl is just talking and is a bit far from the twos. I'd give anything to be 16 again and touch those perfect legs, i bet they are so hot and firm that it makes me fucking hard just by seeing it. And these people are your future successfull people, stacies will become "psycologist" or shit like that. The fat girl, instead, is what we MAYBE can get in our fourties.

The other is a group of some teens. I've counted three girls, all hot, and 5-6 guys. Not a single incel, but some of them are average. One chad and a girl are resting with their face on the ASS of another girl. The other is skimpy and talking in the middle of the other guys.

I can assure you seeing this kind of things arouses me more than anything you can imagine. I've fucked escorts that are probably hotter that these girls but this kind of show triggers me a powerful feeling of arousing and dread, because when i was their age i was shut in in my house, mocked because of my appearance. I'm almost 35 and it's always the same thing.

Sounds like heavy suifuel indeed. I'd stop it if I were you, not for their sake but for yours.

I can't dude, i can't. It's stronger than me. It's not just the arousal. I had to fap, it was too much to bear.



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