Elysian Fields and MajikFireHornet #racist seductivejewess.com

Elysian Fields: I’m curious why Jewesses, the young ones in particular, have such a predilection (or need?) for sodomy-driven climax. Do the older Chosen Ones of the female persuasion also require such assuaging of their guilt complexes? I can only imagine that it is indeed a psychological idiosyncrasy, but might also there be physical reasons? It may in fact be purely psychological; I’m simply uncertain. I would dearly love feedback from those (including the principal of this site) who have had physically intimate experiences with seductive Jewesses.

MajikFireHornet: Like all things originally psychological (Jewguilt craves punishment), I suspect that, over the generations, a degree of genetic fixation occurs as well. Mailer, in “The Time of Her Time”, nails it way better than I do.



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