As of 2016, Italy was 11th place for lowest birthrate in the world. This combined with the influx of genetic garbage pouring across the Southern part of the boot is wrecking the nation. To combat this we can offer incentives for families to have more children, destroy Zionist business practices, and deport all illegal non white invaders.

What would the incentives look like? A progressive tax rate based on the number of children you have. The specific number would be worked out by the new Forza Nuova government, but overall taxes would go down the more children people have. Zionist business practices, including usury, would be eradicated and new European business laws would be put in place. International banking cartels would be replaced with national guilds. After the guilds were set up, we would turn our eyes on the massive invasion that has kicked up in the past 20 years. All non-white people would be humanely re-patriated back to their homeland.

Within five years of accomplishing those three things, Italy would become an economic and military powerhouse. It would look like a modern Roman Empire, set to explore space and become the pinnacle of humanity.



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