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my sister stole my good look

I could have been a legit 9.5\10 Chad if my sister hadn't robbed me of the half of good aesthetics that was supposed to be mine. this thought is literally driving me insane and i cannot help but think about it every time i bump into her into the house (another reason why i'm basically not even leaving my bedroom anymore). it also doesn't help that when she used to work as a model a year or so ago all our family relatives were praising her good look and always harassing him by asking why i wasn't as fit as her, why i wasn't as easy-going as her and so on.
at least once per day i gauge in every detail all our aesthetic differences and the conclusion is always the same, if the distribution of good-looking facial features had been more fair now i'd be having a dream-like chad life instead of dwelling in my misery.
> she's 5'9''
> perfectly smooth skin
> she's blonde
> perfect french nose
> blue eye
> ideal philtrum length (13mm, i measured it)
> ideal upper-to-lower lip ratio

in the meanwhile:
> tfw 5'10'' manlet (how's that possible that she got so much taller than the average roastie while i'm basically a dwarf compared to the new generation is beyond me)
> tfw skin with some acne
> tfw i have subhuman brown hair
> tfw i have subhuman browinish green eyes
> tfw i have a long philtrum compared to my chin height

yesterday i confronted once again and i told her she doesn't get to bring Chad friends at home whenever she likes because it's humiliating for me and i can't stand their lousy voices (they also facemog\heightmog me) and the whole thing devolved in a screaming match as usual. not only i have to accept that she robbed me of aesthetic but i have to be constantly reminded that she's living the kind of good-looking person's life that should have been mine. tbh i think i'll have to kill myself for christmas



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