Krupski & S Sinistrari #racist #wingnut


Any White person working at an office with Blacks should never to talk to them. It's all down-side and no up-side.

Many Blacks think Trump supporters are racist. It's just a big minefield.

I've never liked blacks... but I didn't hate them. I'd give them the benefit of the doubt, and if they were 'decent', then they were fine by me. But, after the George Floyd thing and the massive, nationwide chimpouts and crime, and their in-your-face blatant racism towards Whites, I've learned to truly hate them. To me, now, they are guilty unless proven innocent, and even if they DO prove innocence, I still hate them. I've had it with anti-White racism, their constant anger and the constant chip on their shoulder. Now, if I saw a (n-word) on fire, I wouldn't pi$$ on them to put them out. They hate me for being White, they hate our great country, then to hell with them all. Go back to Africa if it's so terrible here!

(S Sinistrari)
I am an office worker, and have worked with blacks when I was in the office.

*Apefirmative Action black managers are absolutely useless. They are there solely to meet hiring quota. They say stupid things, have stupid ideas, and you can tell even the White liberal types there know they are stupid, but try to cover.

Black office workers a.k.a. McDonalds University Graduates who get their shot to work in and office (MUG shot, heheheh...) usually blow it by stealing stuff, always late, loitering, bothering other workers, not paying attention / doing their work, etc.

Anyway, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE in 'White / black relations'

Whites = Haven't we given enough?

Black = Why don't you want to give more?

Whites are TIRED of blacks and their bs. OF COURSE we don't want to deal with these useless morons.

Whites are tired of the GIBSMEDATS race!



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