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I recently received a Republican National Survey in the mail,in which I DID NOT fill it out,but instead sent the following letter back…This letter is in response to the survey you sent to me.I am sending a letter instead of filling out your survey questions,as a box with an ‘x’ in it,does not tell you anything about me,your fellow countryman.I am a conservative Christian who believes the Holy Bible is the infallible Word of God Himself.I believe our Constitution could only be written by men who were inspired by the Holy Bible.For the Constitution is genius,something no man could come up with himself..I have watched you,the Republican party,sow seeds of strange fruit over the last 20 or so years.I voted Republican every time.Governors,senators,representatives and even the presidency.No longer does the Republican party hold the same values that I hold dearest to my conscience.I am now considered a ‘hate group’ being a Christian.It’s looking as if my freedom to homeschool will also be taken away with no Republican fight for that freedom.I will not,under ANY circumstance,support obamacare,as I would be an accomplice to murder,of the unborn and the elderly,two age groups in which I highly esteem,being a Christian.I watched,as you took a stand for a few weeks,not giving in to the Democrats.I thought America was finally waking up to the socialism taking root in our country.How wrong was I! Because you care more about what people are saying about you,what polls say



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