chudur-budur #homophobia #psycho

RE: Gay rights groups sold out

faggots should be sold so that their body fat can be used for candles and soap (in wolfenstein 2)


But the gays you see in the alpha-chino movie were all normal people, sweaty men in a club reaching for each other anuses in a totally voluntary way.

> reaching for each other anuses
> normal people


A faggot's life revolves around slurping other men's fresh warm shit


If they do it voluntarily they are normal,

How is faggotry normal? WTF, are you a faggot? Faggots need to be burned alive (in minecraft). They are disgusting.


If they do voluntary anal it's OK because they don't force me to do the same.

No it's never OK. Either it's forced or not. Faggotry is inherently an extremely disgusting and vile act. If faggotry is Ok then incest and cannibalism should be OK too. Because the admissibility of all these degenerate acts follow the exact same moral discourse.

The only ones that exposed disgusting anal faggotry are right wingers. Without right wing intervention I would have seen very few homosexual porns, because I tend naturally to research only heterosexual porn.

But right wingers have a calling, they have to discuss anus every minute of their life. It's not good at all. If right wingers stopped for a moment to discuss gay anuses, we would never know they exist and we would not care about it.

Yea I agree, they tend to be deeply into trannies, especially among WNcopers, just look at 4chan, don't know why, it's weird.

Maybe it comes from those Nazi homoerotic "aywan" body worship, Lebensborn and Nacktkultur culture.



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