Candace Owens #fundie

“What Dorothy did was manslaughter. She accidentally killed the witch, making her not that bad of a person. So, what I’m gonna do for this comment section is I’m going to take you very slowly through what really took place in this scene after, again, Dorothy murdered somebody’s sister and then stole her shoes, stole her red bottoms.

“Before the Wicked Witch, if that’s what we’re calling her, shows up, the Munchkins — Oompa Loompas, whatever you wanna call them — are throwing a party while there is a dead person under a house and they’re skipping with Dorothy singing, ding dong, the witch is dead while there’s a dead person at center. Right?

“There’s somebody that’s dead and they’re dancing and saying, witch oh witch, the wicked witch. Obviously, this is some sort of a satanic ritual. So I wanna make that clear that they’re having a satanic ritual.

“It’s the only reason you’d have a dead person and dance around them. And then the witch ends the party when she shows up and finds her dead sister.



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