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WhiteDeal.NET: A Job-Search Site for Whites

From the founders of WhiteDate.NET comes a new job search site for white freelancers and companies wishing to hire them. WhiteDeal.NET is a new site that is again functioning and ready to help white professionals find jobs, temporary or permanent, with employers who recognize the value of hiring whites.

We first launched WhiteDate.NET in 2019, but in 2021, our U.S.-based server took it down along with another of our sites, WhiteChild.NET, without explanation. Eventually, we determined the cause: Both sites were sabotaged because they offered white solutions to existing problems.

We found a new server (in a safe, non-white country, ironically) but were forced to rebuild the site to accommodate that server’s technical requirements. Now, we are happy to announce both sites are again live and ready for access.

Why we need WhiteDeal.NET

The Western world, including most employers, seems to have become blatantly anti-white. So-called “anti-discrimination” laws have made some employers, wishing to curry favor with our rulers, proudly proclaim their eagerness to hire non-whites. Yet, beneath their protestations is evidence that many, even among those who loudly champion diversity, might might want to hire whites. See, for example, a 2017 article published by the Harvard Business School (HBS) titled, “Minorities Who ‘Whiten’ Job Resumes Get More Interviews.” The study showed that, at least in 2017, the employers in the study preferred applicants who avoided mentioning minority status.

The HBS study suggested that simply by hiding their race, non-whites might improve their job prospects. With WhiteDeal.NET, we are offering an explicit way for white applicants to appeal to employers, white or non-white, who prefer to hire whites.

We live in historic times, and I am pleased to be part of a movement that intends to bring our world back to sanity, a world in which white children can be proud of their heritage, and where criminal minds are kept in check. With new tools like the ones we are producing, we whites will continue to chart our own course, while we let others — in the words of Jared Taylor — “pursue their own destiny,” wherever that leads.



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