Arne #fundie

In the last two months it happened that I have been argued with twice about the legality of masturbation. This seems to be an upcoming discussion in Germany. Arguments against fighting masturbation have been outspoken by a Christian youth leader (!) and a Christian newspaper including an article offering that kind of opinion. I don't know how this is in the US, but this movement seems to be getting agressive against people like us who fight masturbation and tell others that action is sin. They want to prevent us from doing harm to those who "live masturbation in peace without any bad consciusness". That's as far as I understand their position.

I would like each one of you to consider this topic and to ask God in prayer for understanding and truth. If those pro-masturbation fighters are right, all of our energy on fighting masturbation has been wasted.
But it shouldn't be a motive to defend a postition just because of us holding it. We should look for truth. Turning towards the base is the only real way to find out about this truth.



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