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RE: Trump is ‘A Civil-rights Leader’ Because of Low African-American Unemployment, Fox News Guest Claims


However, the president’s record on civil rights has repeatedly come under criticism from activists and campaigners.

In November, the FBI reported that violent hate crimes and threats in the US had reached their highest levels in 16 years, partly due to a surge in attacks on Hispanic people in 2018.

Activists and civil rights researchers have said Mr Trump’s hardline anti-immigration policies and controversial verbal attacks on Latino immigrants carried some responsibility for the rise.

Hate crimes on Hispanics by WHOM? There are none! How did the hate crime occur? Did an English speaker ask a Hispanic person at the register to speak English? The fact that more blacks are working is a miracle because work is like Kryptonite to negroes. Also, I am a Trump supporter, but I am advising him not to count on the negroes for votes! The negro vote belongs to their master the democrat party who wants to keep them on THEIR plantation.

(Cheri Rodriguez)

Wake up! Plenty of hate crimes on Hispanics. The Norteños hate the Sureños. The Mexican Mafia hates the Norteños. The Fresno Bulldogs hate the Mexican Mafia...


I know the analogy of welfare to the plantation but to me blacks aren't on a plantation with the Democrat welfare system. It's more like they are on a permanent vacation resort living just like they want. Democrats have us on the slave plantation.

Blacks choosing wrong detrimental policies: This is because of misinformation spread by media ethics codes, police gag orders and lying politicians.
Any decent law abiding working Black would wish to keep Hispanics out of the country and to put Black thugs in prison. It makes no sense whatsoever to keep gangs and felons loose in your black neighborhood. Whites don't defend white robbers and rapists either.

No my friend. That is just who blacks are. They vote Democrat because they know Democrats allow them to do exactly what they want to do, namely nothing.

This conservative narrative that blacks are going to abandon the Democrats for Trump is as insane as the one when they claimed Mexican immigrants would all vote GOP based on their religion and family values.

(Polar Girl)

Yup, low unemployment rates for blacks and the hoarde of documented darkies is exactly why people voted for Trump. That and more wars for Israel.

This comment was deleted.

The way he is acting now, he may not wait for reelection. Since he thinks selling non-white unemployment rates pre-election is advantageous, I would not be surprised to see this delusion extend to war with Iran. That can more easily be hyped up in false jingoism of American flags minus the hidden Star if David superimposed over it and all the faux tough guy talk than non-whites love me for reducing the percentage of government responsibility for workers to an official all-time low.


Trump can try as hard as he wants but the blacks/browns don't crave equal opportunity, just equal outcomes.



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