IskoLat #moonbat

As someone from the capitalist-occupied Latvia, I can concur.

"Maps" like these is just another form of bourgeois psychopathic projection. Their minds are so alienated which channels their destructive thoughts into subconsciousness. So they act independently of their will and effectively support the class which defines them (in this case, the bourgeoisie). Since they lack humanity and empathy on such a deep level, they try rob everyone else of their humanity as well in order to feel whole again. Which is why psychopaths (an inevitable product of capitalist contradictions) feel joy when they hurt innocents.

Not sure if I'm being an annoyance, but can you explain to me what really happened when the Soviets incorporated the Baltics in the USSR?

That is a very important question. That is the reason why the imperialist propaganda avoids the Baltic States. Their narrative goes like this: the Soviet Union came in, "occupied" everything and that is why everything is so bad right now. They won't tell that all three Baltic States became fascist tyrannies in the 1930's. The Soviet Union signed a naval base treaty with the Baltic States in 1939. The Baltic economy was in shambles. Wages plummeted, fascist governments responded with more repression. The communist parties mustered enough strength to declare a general strike. The communist militias raided the barracks and took the weapons away from the fascist paramilitaries. The army declared neutrality. The cabinet allied themselves with the communists.

The Soviet Union had absolutely no intention to annex the Baltic States because the USSR already had a base treaty. It was the Baltic States THEMSELVES who petitioned to be admitted into the USSR in July as separate republics in order to seek protection. The Baltic fascists will never get into such fine details because they have an agenda: to paint themselves as the victims, while in reality there are the oppressors.



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