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Greg and Chris look at the evidence that the GOP is attracting more Hispanic support and ask if it’s really true. More importantly, they ask how much it really matters.

The Dems are insane because they depend on a series of anomalies to be competitive. Almost all of the black vote. The crazy feminist vote. The left wing white vote. The vote of non-traditional elements in the big cites (LBGTQ, leftover hippies, avant garde artists and so-on). Then they still have to get the vote of the socially conservative elements - the white blue collar workers, white ethnics, rural Democrats, suburban moms. Then they need large pluralities among the other-than-black minority groups

Lose any one of these groups and they are in trouble. Lose two of them and they are sunk. Right now, their accustomed pluralities among Hispanics, white ethnics and white blue collar workers all are at risk. The leftist vote is at risk too because this a group which can either turn to a minor party or just not participate if they are not satisfied.

What happens when you run out of white males to dispossess? They're starting to hit the women though. What I think is that they believe that they can replace the white productive class with East and South Asians, the biracial descendants of today's white Americans and the descendants of today's gentrified Hispanics. I think you call that Latin America. They're hoping for an improved version, one with an equally productive overclass they can continue to live off of just like they live off of whites today.

I have long known the plan. The plan for me as a white male poverty survivor with a high-end IQ has always been one of these. Be a lifelong hippie. Or be some kind of weird activist. Or collect a check and show up on election day and shut up the rest of the time. Or start a business and pay the taxes to fund everyone's self-actualization but my own.

They have a life plan for everyone.



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