Steven L Anderson #fundie

I am not a fool. Don’t tell me that Sodom is not on the TV because it is. I mean, don’t tell me that there is a prime time show that doesn’t have these filthy sodomite queer characters, because it does.  I remember when I was in high school.  I was 17 years old. The show came out Ellen.
Ellen, the first...was going to be the first lesbian sitcom. It was ripped off the air. That was in 1999.  That was 1998 or whatever it was.  They ripped it off the air.  And they said, “No.  People couldn’t handle it.”
Twelve months later it was back on the air.  And twelve months after that, every prime time show had sodomite characters.  That’s how fast it happened. 
And I don’t know all the details of what is on TV.  I couldn’t even name the shows for you.  You know, I could maybe name a few that I have heard about, but I couldn’t really name all the shows. I mean, I don’t really know what they are.  But I promise you it is just filled with, with sodomy.  I promise you it is just filled with gays and lesbians and freakos.  I promise you.
And you know what?  Even if it is not...
 You say, “Well, I don’t watch that stuff.  I just watch the weather. I just watch the cooking channel.”
Those guys cooking on the cooking channel are a bunch of queers.  You know they are. 
“Oh, you know, I just throw in a little bit of this.”
Good night.  Be a man. 
“Oh, I just like...I just watch the home decorating show.”
Oh, good night.  What’s that guys name? This guy was on when I was a teenager.  Christopher Lowell.  And who has ever heard of that guy?  Is that what his name is?  I got the name right?  Christopher Lowell. That gay little piece of trash.  I would like to beat the fire out of him.



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