Me Too Now #fundie

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Ya'll are from the pages of la la land in your replies. The scientific method is based in evolution which is just a THEORY. No proof that it ever occurred. In fact it is impossible by its own rules. The scientific method states that it MUST be able to be repeated with the exact same results. There is NOT one pig giving birth to anything EXCEPT ANOTHER PIG. When GOD created the universe He commanded every creation to bear offspring after it's own kind. That is the way it will always be. Even trees bear seed that produces trees of the same kind as the parent tree. It's only when so-called scientists started trying to "improve" a species that there are things like killer bees.
These "scientists" are the quacks.
Just because you don't believe the Bible's record does not mean you are right. All of the record of our past is His Story.

Read the story about the rain that proves geology doesn't always have to take a long time. Right here in America. The Colorado River area. Proves that the Young Earth creationism is not as far fetched as y'all are trying to make it.



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