NotAnotherDownvote #conspiracy

Don't get distracted. Totalitarianism is the goal. The vaccine will be the mechanism.
Not my words but someone else called it the "tiptoe to totalitarianism".

This is the new 9/11 that they'll use to expand TSA-like controls to the entire world.

The vaccine is the mechanism. It might even be a perfectly fine vaccine (I doubt it. I think it'll be harmful somehow) but they will use a receipt (tattoo/chip/digital cert) confirming you took the vaccine (and kissed the ring) as the TSA-approved form of ID needed to shop, travel or participate in any event.

Those without it will either be social pariahs outcast to a leper-colony or they'll attempt to make them take it by force. Those with vaccine will cheer for violent action against those without. They've already set the stage for this with the massive anti-anti-vaxxer campaigns.

Everyone is thinking the war will be with China.

This will be civil war.

And it's easy to see which side the government will pick to lose. And out of the ashes the government would have found a common worldwide identity THE VACCINATED! and a common enemy the unclean.

Thus setting the framework for a single world government united against the non-compliant.



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