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For Russia keeping Ukraine out of NATO is not a matter of imperialism let alone conquest, let alone taking over Europe, let alone reconstituting the USSR (I fucking wish) … For Russia, seeing to it that Ukraine does not join NATO is a matter of survival against US and NATO aggression and encirclements. Keeping Ukraine out of NATO is the prerequisite for preventing the greatest human rights catastrophe since the Holocaust because if the West had its way, it would spell genocide for the motherland as the imperialists’ end game here is the ultimate breakup, Balkanization, raping, pillaging, and plundering of Russia. If the imperialists are successful in the completion of their military blockade, they will have gained an insane amount of leverage over the country: they will have everything that they need to build an anti-nuclear missile defense system wall across the continent, effectively bringing an end to mutually assured destruction, as well as allowing NATO to carry out a devastating pre-emptive strike on Russia. In such a scenario, Russia will be completely at the mercy of the Western imperialists as they will now have everything that they need to militarily blackmail the motherland. The result would spell the immediate impoverishment and immiseration on a scale dwarfing the breakup of the Soviet Union by an order of magnitude. We're talking death toll in the tens of millions here. The west will be in a perfect position to carry out a genocide against Russia, succeeding where the Nazis failed during World War II. In light of this we need to have critical support for the Russian Federation in its struggle against NATO.


Anybody who is honestly supporting the current Ukrainian regime or the United States or NATO or any of the other bad faith actors in this situation are either woefully uneducated on the subject or are simps for Western imperialism or they work for the military-industrial complex regardless of the motives.



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