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[From "A Few Thoughts on Swim Suits"]


FEMINISTS claim that women are more fulfilled and happy when they are free to wear almost nothing

The whole Western world has accepted their premises. You will be hard-pressed to find any woman on a beach today covered up to the extent that these women — such ridiculous figures, huh? — were in 1906[…]
The truth is, these ridiculous figures on the beach were much more likely to have a stable home life. They were more likely to have children. They were less likely to face the existential crises women face today. They lived in a more stable society with less crime. Political power and wealth were not so dangerously concentrated in the few. The federal income tax didn’t even exist! Our economic system was not yet crushed by debt, reducing most of us to insidious and hidden financial enslavement

It’s no secret that powerful people want women unclothed and actively promote it. Civilization demands clothes. Tyranny demands nudity

Immodesty undermines femininity. A woman’s greatest influence and dignity are not physical, but in her personality and soul

Immodesty is a form of aggression. Men are — by nature — sensitive to visual stimuli, much more than women, and cannot, except by emasculating themselves at some deep level, easily eradicate their responses to the female form[…]
The bikini, named after the island where the atomic bomb was tested, was introduced in 1946, when many women were tired from work in wartime factories and offices. The more sexually “free” women became, the more economically exploited[…]
Immodesty alienates women from God, the very source of their being



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