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At this point Im not even attracted to foids anymore

Whenever i see a foid that most people would consider conventionally attractive, all i see is a lying, manipulative, attention whoring, worthless bitch. Im literally just not attracted to them anymore because i know how they truly are. Another reason is that i refuse to like any person that doesnt like me back. Foids are so used to everyone loving them and getting to select who they love back but i will not be one of those guys. Im not gay obv, but i really can't be attracted to foids these days. Even just physically alot of them are so ugly.

Same. Plus they get a weird sadistic thrill out of harshly curving men, fuck that and fuck putting myself in that position

Very true. I could never like someone so pathetic that they use compliments an opportunity to shit on someone and then claim they're the victim. Something is seriously wrong with them.

same dude. even average looking girls that seem shy, cute, quirky etc have no appeal anymore because i know theyre all trollops with masses of orbiters. whenever i think about checking a woman out, my mind says "dont even bother, thats chad's property bro"

And you can automatically tell that their egos are so over inflated that you would think they won a Nobel prize or something. Even the ugly ones have this sense of being gods gift to earth.

whenever I see a foid all I can think of her body count, which probably puts the street walkers of yesteryear to shame

Even the most innocent looking girls have 50+ bodies by the end of college, and that's the low end.

IT will screenshot this and say OP is gay.

I don't lost sleep over retard cuck opinions. Im not gay but even if i was who gives a fuck. I respect them for not putting the pussy on a pedestal.



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