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"Sex is not important"

Twitter NPCs love to ramble about "gaslighting." No one knows what it actually means, anymore. They just call any lie a "gaslighting attempt."

Ya know what gaslighting actually is? It's when someone tries to make you feel like you can't trust your own perceptions, by making you feel like you are crazy, pathological, abusive, or even the victim of some nefarious outside force that's out to get the gaslighter, just because you notice certain inconvenient things. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

I see this shit all the time when it comes to ITcels. When they say "sex isn't even important, and the fact that you care so much about being a virgin shows that there is something broken inside you," they are doing two things.

1: They are ignoring the fact that sex isn't the be-all-end-all (which is why escortmaxxing isn't ascension). Having access to sex means you have access to romantic love. It means you have access to parenthood. It means you have the ability to lead the complete, satisfying life that humans have evolved to desire. Sex is a "symptom" of being accepted and valued by the world around you. Those who are virgins, who aren't that way by choice, are usually that way because they are rejected by people around them, in general. When ITcels ignore this, or when they give the "personaIity" line, they are denying how often ugly people are judged and cast aside due to their looks, and they are trying to make you seem crazy for thinking that they are. They are gaslighting you.

2: They are pathologizing the strength of your desire for sex. It's not hard to imagine why men want sex so badly. The cavemen who didn't care about sex never had kids. Humanity would have died out, just like any other species would have, if people didn't value sex above everything else. It is normal to feel the way you feel. When ITcels try to tell you you're crazy, or worse, pathological ("the source of your feelings must be underlying depression or anxiety") for having a normal desire for sex, they are gaslighting you.

You can even see it in the subtleties of their word choices.

"Sex seems so important to these people because the patriarchy has done them dirty"

"Sex is made out to be so important by toxic masculinity"

No. Fuck you. Shut the fuck up. Sex IS important. IS. Unless you're one of the maybe 10,000 great innovators of any given generation, the only thing about your life that will matter in 500 years is whether or not you had a child (i.e. had access to sex).

"Tinder isn't real life"

Then what the fuck is it? People almost always act more like themselves online. Are horny women immune to this? We're not crazy for noticing the 80/20. We don't "just think it's real because we hate women."

The reason we feel the way we feel, the reason we value sex so much and feel such hopeless distress in response to our lack of access to it, isn't because we're crazy. It isn't because we're pathological. It isn't because of some nefarious social force (that, of course, according to them, they have nothing to do with, in fact it is our responsibility, as men, to deal with it).

It's none of that.

It's because we are normal men. We are normal men who reject your ideological social engineering. And there are more of us every day, as more and more young men are made to feel worthless and hopeless.

Spot on.

There is literally NOTHING wrong with wanting a relationship. There is literally NOTHING wrong with having a sex drive. There is literally NOTHING wrong with being sad about missing out on these things. When normies tell you these things don't matter, ask them if they'd be willing to give up in relationships and sex for the rest of their lives

Normies do not give a single fuck about you. They tell you these things to make you shut the fuck up and stop complaining. They couldn't give a rat's ass about any of your problems, legitimate or not. They're literally just inconvenienced by your complaining and want you to be quiet.

To normies, having to hear someone complain is worse than the reason someone is complaining in the first place, no matter how legitimate it is. You could die in a ditch for all they care, as long as you don't complain about it. Your suffering is completely irrelevant to them.

Remember: normies are solipsistic and don't give a shit about you, and never will



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