shorelineliz #racist

The majority of Latino people in the USA are poor. They want more government handouts. This article is absolutely true. The majority favor the Robin Hood Plan. Take from the evil rich white colonizers and give to the sanctimonious poor brown and black people. Because everyone knows that poor people are all good people. They are all holy and spiritual. They are closer to God. And that rich people are all evil and of the devil. My husband worked in Mexico. No one demonizes the rich more than the poor people of Mexico. As far as they are all concerned every rich, white person in the USA is in the paid service of Satan himself while they are perfect little angels and the Lord has a "preferential option for the poor" in every Latino/Latina. Their "brand" of Christianity is Liberation Theology. GEt rid of all the evil rich white people so the poor brown people can rule the Kingdom of God. This is their theology and that is how they vote. If it is white and rich it is evil. They talk incessantly about this, are resentful and bitter and for the majority of them they would enjoy it if every white person was their pool boy instead of the other way around. They often laugh about how they should sit around by their own pools and spas and order little white boys around to cut their lawns. They want revenge not equality. Just write them all a check. They are entitled and owed since they are brown and poor.



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