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Shall we play a new game tonight.
Will it be truth filled with new light.
Or are we going down another dark hole
To see how many of us can be bought and sold.
To the highest bidder of more deception.
Have you all forgotten your last life lesson.
When you were told it’s just a month.
Now going on two years and still not debunked.
Only the Patriots seeking the truth out.
Know this is all BS, without a doubt.
No pandemic or virus for us to contract
No free and fair elections for them to hack.
No people dying day in and day out.
No children being vaccinated or medicated
So the cabal can continue to rule and eliminate.
Tell me the real truth, is some where out there.
The day that we can all say Freedom without fear.
To all who are really doing your part.
To give us a world out of the dark.
You are the hero’s that we all need.
So all of you keep your head on a swivel and believe.
They are there in some space unseen.
So shine the light on them if you still want us to believe.
That the news you bring is the way it truly is to be.
Stop deceiving the people you claim deserve redemption.
And give us all much needed attention.

#SaveTheChildren….every last one….they are the key for this to be over and done.



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