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The Catholic “Church” is of the Devil!!

I know I’m raising eyebrows with that subject but it burns within me to expose this cult of all cults. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic high school in spite of getting saved at age 14 (it was my fault because I didn’t know what being saved was back then). However God used faithful Christians in an AOL chatroom in 1999 and I had revival and finally knew what it meant to be a child of the living God. THANK GOD FOR CHRISTIANS WHO CARE ABOUT OTHERS!

This is the article that fueled my hatred for this prisonhouse religion:


Oh would to God more Christian believers would stand up and say that the Catholic cult is a fake, man-made, horrible perversion of the truth of Christianity. By the way, Catholics are NOT Christians UNLESS they’ve been born again, like I was during those 20 years of fruitless living, not serving the Lord and living in darkness. I have learned much in these past 40 years (I am 54 years old), and I am powerfully compelled by the Holy Ghost to tell everyone that the Catholic religion is straight out of the pits of Hell, and the Lord Jesus Christ will one glad day consume it with the Sword of His mouth, and the pope, the priests, the nuns, and all the ungodly who rejected Christ will fall down into the Lake of Fire where it belongs!!

To those of you who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, and are sitting on the sidelines waiting for God to do something because you think you deserve it, I say, get up and do as you’re told! Quit hiding your light under a bushel! God isn’t pleased with you, and He surely will not bless your life if you continue to sin against Him by not speaking up for the truth! That’s why God put us here right now: to GIVE HIM GLORY!

Let me preach a little. Your priest can’t save your soul from Hell’s flames. Your priests are HUMAN BEINGS, just like you. They by no means have any power to forgive sins. You’re wasting your time visiting a confession booth. I had to do this junk twice a year when I went to that heathen Catholic high school, and because I didn’t know any better, I thought I was PLEASING GOD. What a shame! How cruel of my teachers to brainwash a 14 year old little girl, naive, totally trusting the adults to teach her right, to do this worthless, powerless, fruitless act of obeying MEN!! Not to mention reciting the Rosary a million times, going to morning Mass, and being terrified of a life-size crucifix every time I walked through that hallway! I am ASHAMED of the Catholics! You better get right with Almighty God and COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM, or else you will face severe judgment at the Great White Throne!!



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