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A long, long time ago, the Earth was used as a dumping ground by many different alien races. Spacecraft-loads of toxic waste were strewn about the planet. Aluminium was one of the main waste products that was dumped on the Earth.

Fluoride is an extremely toxic by-product of aluminium refining. Since industrialists were unable to safely dispose of fluoride, they called upon the ruling elite's assistance to set their propaganda machine into motion.
Dentists have become so indoctrinated by the ruling elite's propaganda that they ardently believe and support the "benefits" of fluoride for healthy teeth. The main reason that the malicious propaganda on fluoride is so widely accepted and promoted is the subtle programming behind it. This is not so much a physical programming as it is subliminal. The culprits behind the fluoride conspiracy are the Anunnaki Reptilians.

The Reptilians are a horrible race of aliens that sit atop the Dark hierarchy in the Virtual Reality. One should realize that among Reptilians there is also a hierarchy - they have rulers and subjects amongst them.

It is primarily the Anunnaki Elites' agenda to bring in the New World Order and to take total control of the Earth.

The Reptilian programming runs through the occult and other fields to brainwash people in many ways. So, too, it is with the fluoride issue. The ruling elite want people to believe that sodium fluoride is beneficial. This lie is intended to be 100 percent effective. That means that the programming is directed at everyone to accept the benefits of fluoride.
The Reptilians have an elaborate scheme to convince the Greys by maintaining the illusion of their promise to them through actively programming the world to accept sodium fluoride in drinking water. In reality, the Reptilians are more interested in re-establishing a super race of Reptilians than allowing another alien race like the Greys to have any kind of foothold anywhere.



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