Anonymous #sexist

How can you talk about lesbians without talking about the statistically highest rates of intimate partner violence out of literally any pairing? The lowest rates are in m/m pairings, m/f is in the middle, and f/f have the highest rates of violence and abuse.

Frankly, I'm amazed it took this long in the thread to talk about lesbian bed death.

In the end homosexuality of any kind shouldn't be promoted by a civilization because it does not reinforce the family unit. A stable, functional society absolutely depends on the stability and quality of the family unit in order to survive. Families are about raising children.

I don't think it's the main force destroying society, but it's one of the cuts where the blood loss is coming from. There's not even any ill will here, it's just a basic sociological analysis. Conserving and building on the civilizational assets we all collectively own is critical for long term success.

All dyke or gay shipping in the fandom is trash.



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