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( @Nature_and_Race )
We already had Trump in office once, for four long years.

And all under his leadership, our cities burned to the ground, our statues were torn up and destroyed, Conservative voters were murdered in cold blood, an election was blatantly stolen, and peaceful protesters were thrown in prison as "domestic terrorists" and "insurrectionists".

Trump didn't have anyone arrested. Trump didn't declare Antifa or BLM terrorist organizations. He did, however, pardon a bunch of black criminals who hate America...

He didn't do a goddamn thing for us. And he won't do a goddamn thing for us if he's reelected.

@Nature_and_Race Right down this country needs the biggest narcissist there is out their....short of a hitler, with his brown shirts to pummel antifia and lbm and the alphabet people. and to round up all politicians that went against the constitution and their oath of office

( @Frenlycoofer )
@Nature_and_Race why the fuck would I want something short of my good Uncle A

( @Bannedguy )
@Nature_and_Race When he made his other "big announcement" recently, literally the first thing I heard him say was "blah blah blah, I did everything to help nonwhites, and I'll do it again. Blah blah, where's a jewish dick I can suck on?" LOLOL fucking orange nigger!

( @handfulofdust )

"Mommy can we have Hitler for Christmas?"
"No. Best we can do is a spray tanned New York Democrat with tiny hands."

( @Littletoad2020 )
@Nature_and_Race He also pardoned a bunch of Jewish criminals, but didn't pardon their 'Gentile' co-criminals. We never got that border wall that he promised us and the entire time he was in office all we heard was a long trail of Trump blaming "Democrat Obstructionism".
White middle class America suffered as much, if not more under Trump than any other President.
America is already toast, in the words of Hillary Clinton "What different does it make now?"

( @gemSStoned )
@Nature_and_Race was Adolf Hitler a narcissist? im pretty sure he fought and bled for Germany in WW1 and openly stated he would die for Germany, i wish anti Hitler people would just fuck off and die

( @rua_patriot1st )
@Nature_and_Race Are Jews STILL Paying (owning) NAZIs (sell-out$) in Ukraine to Fight for them ??



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