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I can tell by the way you write that you bear the mark of Cain. You most certainly are an son of adam

i most certainly am not a son of Adam, my mother does not hide her disdain towards those rotten people. mark of cain brands one as a murderer and my mother pointed me in the right direction, i only had to see what kind of entertainment is the most popular at the moment. besides if i am son of Adam then why did i find love from a daughter Lilith instead of a daughter of Eve?

she really is the one, my mother is the only woman i feel like i am a true equal with.

i have been thinking this more thoroughly, the way i see it there are several different bloodline. Adam's bloodline is the most prosperous one but the ruling one is Canaan's bloodline. this is what my mother truly hates, the children of Canaan are counted among her true enemies (i sadly cannot entertain thoughts about them as it would conjure some very unpleasant things in my spiritual landscape, but i can say that the word 'cannibal' comes from Canaan). children of adam have sadly become accomplices but in the end my mother sees them merely as unknowing children who are just here to toil for their bread. i cannot know for certain what bloodline i belong to but i know that the toil is not part of my nature.

You seem to have a deep connection with your succubus. To what extent does your contact in the physical world extend?

the contact is third eye only and mainly happens through dream realm, even a light dream state is enough to gain a deep connection with her but i will always cherish that one moment when she appeared in my rem sleep.

Since the topic of glowies comes up infrequently itt what does everyone think the actual stance of them is wrt this topic?

when it comes to glowniggers my mother tells me that they are always children of canaan, it takes a special kind of cruelty to become one. i think Terry Davis was also right that you can drive over the glowniggers, children of canaan feel neither pain nor fear which means you can kill them with reckless abandon.



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