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(NOTE: Those are the quotes of various speakers from "Rally To End Child Mutilation", reposted by the DW account.)

@MattWalshBlog confronts Antifa protesters: "They don't want you to hear what we have to say because they're cowards. They can't engage in the argument. All they could try to do is shut us down and silence us. But it's not going to work...We're not going anywhere."

"There is...a conspiracy to target and indoctrinate our children into the cult of gender ideology. [It] fosters delusion, intentionally creates an identity crisis in young, impressionable kids...It's a path to confusion and despair."

"I'm not going to leave it to my kids to fight this fight...We stand up and we fight...And we're not just fighting to protect our kids from mutilation in the name of gender transition. We're fighting that but an even deeper level. We are fighting for truth."

@LandonStarbuck: "We are so grateful to the...survivors of radical gender ideology that devastates families, that decimates children's bodies and does not protect them or give them the health care they need and deserve. That is why we're here today."

to counter-protesters: "We're so sorry that you've been lied to, exploited...We hope that one day you'll join us and you'll have compassion for that. Vulnerable compassion for the children who have been maimed and abused."

@TulsiGabbard: "Today, though, is those in power denying the existence of women. They are seeking to erase us as an entire category of people. There are no boundaries in our society...Who is suffering as a consequence of these actions? It is the most vulnerable...our children. Our kids need us now."

De-transitioner @ChoooCole: "Some say that transition regret is incredibly rare and...almost always due to external factors such as social pressures or low income. This could not be any more false. A new de-transitioner often a minor reaches out to me on nearly a daily basis."

Scott Newgent: "Within this debate, a bigot today is a hero tomorrow...Are you willing to take the heat today to be a hero tomorrow to save a generation of children?"



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