Various commenters #transphobia


( PointySpoon )
Just a thought for the day, I’m gonna call MRAs re-skinned TRAs now. Since we always call TRAs re-skinned MRAs hahaha

( vvvqvvv )
I genuinely do not understand the cognitive dissonance TRAs have. They think they are being “progressive” by using sexist stereotypes to discern gender?

What is progressive about pushing a young girl with “stereotypically masculine interests” into surgery and hormones? They are SO close to getting it right but also somehow miss it by miles. Why can’t “masculine” girls simply just be masculine girls? Why MUST they become boys?

Gender ideology is riddled with such overt hypocrisy that I can’t help but assume TRAs are lacking serious cognitive abilities. How are they so blind?

( queen_beastmode )
Oh yea, TRA's and MRA's are definitely part of the same internet mano-sphere culture. If you put a TRA and an MRA together they might disagree on certain identity issues and key talking points, one might be more likely to vote republican and the other democrat, but if you dig deeper they share very similar core values and a semi-fascist rhetorical style that is hard to miss.

( yikesforever )
I don't think men want women to cut off their boobs though, that part doesn't match a world that men would want.

But otherwise the outcome of their actions certainly is a place where men have easier access to assault women and girls and take things that belong to women. Though I don't think it's intentional for a lot of them. The ones who have been swayed by emotion seem to really believe "trans" people are a set of people that are more marginalized and in pain than any other set of people.

( Peppermint )
I think the men who want women and girls to cut off the boobs are the men who are jealous of women and girls. Everyone should be horrified that non-trans people are being given drugs and surgeries even TIMs but we don't hear a thing.

( Evee_Era )
This is a good pt too. A lot of envious transwomen really hate us.

( Evee_Era )
Good point. FtM adds another stepping stone in their destruction of woman so they can redefine and include themselves. The goal is to confuse kids so they can inject their TRA beliefs enough for transwomen to slip in and gain access.



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