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My family and I had gone to my son’s graduation yesterday. Supposedly a joyous occasion, I was disappointed that those kids were mostly in the Devil’s camp, trusting in works, achievements and do-gooding, receiving their temporary reward now and not laying up treasures in Heaven. Nothing was mentioned about the God of the King James Bible, although several of the speakers did mention a few NIV verses (I say NIV because by and large that’s the world’s bible).

I was saddened when I saw that one of the brightest young ladies who had achieved so much for herself in school is a LGBT pusher. It’s so sad to see so many young folks, having been brainwashed by the Communistic public school system, raring to get out and conquer the world, and precious few know or want to know Jesus Christ, the One Who gives true satisfaction, not just from works but a personal relationship with Him, the everlasting God of Heaven and earth.

There were over 1,000 young people present to receive their congratulations and diplomas, but how many will receive a “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” from the lips of Jesus Christ? Only God knows.



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