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[Serious] Women age badly drastically after 26 - 28 so now that I'm past that age I actually don't want them anyway unless it's just for sex

As an incel in his 30s one thing that I'm noticing is that the girls that I know from school and college who were once very popular and the most attractive in those environments are now massively underwhelming attraction wise in comparison and have been for several years. It is like when these girls youthful glow is removed they lose appeal like a fast football (soccer) player when he loses his pace in his late 20s. So essentially even the high end of my 'target market' is garbage. And that's coming from an incel who has never been picky at all. Most of these women have now settled down with guys who look like generic chubby fucking pub landlords and are 10 years older than them rather than the thugs and chadlites they would limit their availability to before.

Don't get me wrong if it was available and put on a plate I'd fuck it but if but if the catch was that I would move into a flat with it, announce the relationship on social media, put up with it's complaints all day and support it financially I think I'd rather stay alone. This is why (although there are exceptions) if you search for girls under 26 on Tinder you will get much less of the "not here just for sex, looking for a relationship only" garbage whereas over that age they might as well make that statement their fucking profile picture.

Walking around hand in hand with an unattractive woman past her prime who is literally only with me because she needs a roommate and knows she can't get better seems like a vision of hell to me.

My Gods honest opinion:-

Dating after 30 after spending your teens and 20s rotting will likely do nothing for your happiness in my opinion unless the girl you are with is below 26-28 or still looks good. Anything besides = carry on coping



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