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Women are Stupid

I'm really tired of women in social media, media, everywhere. They preach beliefs and people, mostly men believe and supported them. Worse, these male supporters would even come from this forum. I never physically attack a woman nor assaulted anyone and yet the Nazis make it sound all men are doing it.

Am I the only one who's getting tired when women kept saying all men are evil? All men are trash? rаpe culture is is a norm, which is stupid. I graduated virgin and every men in my batch are single at that point. These Nazis have no concept that most men will leave college without getting sex while women would be at their 20th laid. They let the assholes damage them and make incels pay for the consequence, which is ironic. We're not the one who hurt these women. We're not the one who cheated on these women...and yet we're the one cast out and seen as evil? We are the one condoned and shamed? While thousands of chads have a pass card.

The rationality doesn't make any sense. Incels haven't hurt any women when compared to the exes these Staceys cry about in their social media. Incels are identified as worst part of humanity, worse than Chads who actually hurt and traumatize women.

Where is the sense and logic in that? The Chads hurt more women than incels and yet being an incel is worse?
And there's your another proof to women's stupidity, everyone. They are even rewarded for being foolish.



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