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A long time ago, the white aliens came to the planet when the Anunnaki walked the planet. The white aliens flooded the planet with what I call Corporate energy. It is artificial and unnatural.

Some people became addicted to the corporate energy, while others hid out in caves. I had a flashback to that past life to address the question, “Is Baal coming back?” that I wrote about in one of my previous articles. Baal was not the king, we were hiding in cave, and he was my brother at that time, I suspect from my past life work that I have been doing.

The white alien came to the cave where our family was hiding, and my brother met with the alien who made him an “offer he could not refuse.” I suspect they stole my brother and I may have made a deal with them trying to get my brother back. That was the start of the cults on the planet including Goddess worship and Luciferianism. He was Baal. All kinds of myth and legend came after that. My goal is for everything to be normal and natural here on the planet again.

The Alien Agenda has been a playing a long game to ultimately remove the people from the planet and potentially send us to a meat processing ships in space, from what I saw in one of my visuals yesterday. The aliens always try to make us feel like this is not our home. Our planet is our home. “This is not a test.”

That is why Corporate has created all of this with the wars, the sexual stuff – forced sex with children with the aliens- to insure our compliance-scary, creepy stuff that may be connected with sex-blackmail, environmental destruction despite us having everything available to create sustainability.



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