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[From "To Fall Into the Hands of the Living God Without Having Known Him in Life"]

The death of the unreconstructed judicial positivist, pro-abort, pro-sodomite and statist Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday, September 18, 2020, the Feast of Saint Joseph Cupertino and the Commemoration of Ember Saturday in September, has set off a veritable firestorm that will, it would appear, unleash the usual assortment of organized violence and bloodshed undertaken by the professional agitators and, if necessary, assassins and destroyers of property whose movement are, in the large, funded by organizations that have ties in one way or another, if not multiple ways, to personal friend of confidante of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, George Soros.
The “progressives”/Jacobins/Bolsheviks will never relinquish power if they put their Trojan Horse stooge in the White House, and they will never cease violence until some such stooge is placed there in the future, at which point they will seek to end elections altogether as “too divisive”
One who has no regard for the laws of God, not that Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Talmudist, cared about those, of course, will easily throw away any regard for the actual words of a written constitution and statute laws[…] The fact that the “best” that some state legislatures can do is to seek to regulate abortuaries is itself a monumental testament to the fallibility of governmental systems that are not founded in a due regard for—and submission to—the binding precepts of the Divine Positive Law and the Natural Law in all that pertains to the good of souls and thus to the common temporal good of nations.
The greatest tragedy involving Ruth Bader Ginsburg is that died outside the bosom of Holy Mother Church after a six decade long career in behalf of one false principle after another, including using the courts as instruments to advance that are grave moral evils in the objective order of things.



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