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EDITOR’S NOTE: Following on from his previous exploration of male archetypes in The Aeneid and the horrors of a blue pill existence, Jai Singh investigates the same work in search of female archetypes, with particular emphasis on the goddess Juno as a figure who embodies feminist attitudes. Juno, as many here will be familiar, is the Roman version of the Greek goddess Hera who was previously explored in these pages as a representation of feminism and feminists. For anyone interested in learning more about the figure of Hera/Juno and her pivotal influence on fomenting gender discord, I further recommend the video channel of Greta Aurora, a learned archetypalist who will be delivering a series of analyses on the Hera archetype and its associated impact on men, boys and ‘non-Hera’ women. — PW.

She then begins to raise that hell by commanding Alecto – one of the Furies, female beings from the underworld who are used to tormenting men who do not deserve to be tormented – to instigate the war. Most importantly, Juno does not care that the fulfilment of her vindictive desires will lead to the loss of innocent lives, in the same way that a petty wife will use the family court system to financially and psychologically torture her ex-husband and not give a damn about the impact of parental alienation on the children. Throughout the Aeneid, she treats Aeneas like an overbearing mother who does not want her son to become independent, because if he did, it would leave her with no role to play in his life, and that purposelessness is hell for such a mother. Despite the fact that a red pill analysis of the fate that compels Aeneas to do what he does reveals the cruel and corrupt nature of that fate, Juno is not resisting this fate out of a benevolent desire to take care of Aeneas.



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