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Dawkins muses: “Living things are not designed, but Darwinian natural selection licenses a version of the design stance for them [oh, that’s very generous of it!]. We get a short cut [one has to pick up that he is being sarcastic here] to understanding the heart if we assume that it is ‘designed’ to pump blood.” So, au contraire, the heart just by chance grew to be a pump – for no purpose whatsoever, mind you – because, well, “accidents happen?” Why didn’t it “accidentally” grow to be, say, a waste-disposal site, a pulley to hoist objects upward, a bone-assembly plant, a poison-producer, a … (fill in the blank)? Fancy that: it just so happened to coordinate its development with that of blood! And in cooperation with an enormously complex circulatory system of a myriad of blood vessels needed to make blood useful for tens of trillions of cells, missing none! And miraculously timed to receive electrical signals from some clump of gray stuff in the head to make the fool thing function on a timed cycle of beating! And choreographed with these things called lungs that provide oxygen and remove carbon dioxide to make blood relevant at all! And a handy stomach to supply nutrients that blood can then transport to all parts of the body! And a shell of skin to keep that blood from squirting out into space! We simply ought to give evolution an advanced degree … probably even the Nobel prize for physics and chemistry. Wow, I’m impressed!

The very thought of all this super-massive, simultaneous accumulation of hyper-intricate operations … and the blasted thing dies in the end? What’s up with that? Why all the convoluted bother? If there’s no “purpose” or “design,” what’s the point? Well, of course there can be none. We are fooled to think there must be a reason, and we live our lives as if they have some ultimate meaning. What a bunch of rubes we are! For all the ultra-intelligence of evolution, funny that it should, by luck of the draw, slap together humans as dumb idiots, which is really weird, come to think of it, given our astounding IQs to “design” astonishing technology ourselves … for alleged “purposes” (ho, ho, ho, what dupes we are!). Teleology is an unwelcome guest who simply won’t leave the party.



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