Various Incels #racist

RE: LifeFuel Blackcel gets harassed by chad while walking home, chad gets arrested

No.. He's a nigger who is in a neighborhood that he does not belong in. He deserved to be bullied. I just have to turn on the TV and I see "white man bad". I go to social media and I see "white man bad". I go to any mainstream platform and I see "white man bad". I play any AAA video games and it's "white man bad". I GET IT. WHITE MAN BAD. OKAY? I SEE IT EVERYWHERE. I don't need it on this comfy little corner on the internet too, okay? You want to complain about "da whitey bad"? Go to any major platform and they'll suck your dick for being an ethnic and praise your hatred for da white man. Okay? You have twitter, facebook, youtube, reddit, tumblr, and pretty much all major platforms on the internet to complain about "da whitey". Why here?

if this were a black neighborhood and a white incel was snooping around he wouldnt have got a warning, his white ass would be fucking dead. Because of BLM the niggers are getting away with way too much shit. If this is what happens now when niggers are prowling for houses to burgle then our society is going to get fucked by niggers so badly we will all be living in the ghetto soon.


Yeah, after rewatching, it seems like the guy was suspiciously creeping around the neighborhood and bothered the foid

If a white dude walked in a black neighborhood he would risk being mugged at the very least. And that's just walking. Now imagine if he harassed some sheboon. The entire hood would jump him. Double standards by niggers as usual. Also this had nothing to do with his race. He harassed a woman from the neighborhood they have the right to kick him the fuck out.



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