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Are women becoming less individualistic?

I honestly am curious about all opinions, and I do not mean to bash anyone by any means. I first would like to recognize that men have a significant amount of inherent flaws and could be critiqued just as much (and they are).

Background: I’ve been in the dating pool only for about 2-3 years (I’m in my late twenties, fairly successful, no debt, probably slightly above average attractiveness, an engaging conversationalist). With the advent of app dating, I go on dates A LOT. Not to my own credit but just due to the fact that there are so many dick-picing creeps out there. Very seldom will I meet a girl who I consider long term potential. This is due to a wide array of reasons, usually life philosophy, goals, values, or even just instinctual attraction. Although I have met a few that I could see being more serious.

However, for some reason, when I get to the point where we are getting deeper and more emotional, it is often the case that I don’t sense that much is there! No strong opinions, not really any “quirks”, and worse of all no real interests outside of what virtually every girl loves today: travel, dogs, coffee, “adventure” (whatever that means. They never want to go overland camping which seems adventurous). These women are often very educated and intelligent but cannot hold a conversation. It’s very easy to offend them if I disagree with one of their positions, on the off chance they even have one.

I know I am grossly over generalizing women, but bear in mind I am only counting on my limited firsthand experience and observations. I am noticing a trend that I can essentially psychologically profile women and I know what they want or are interested in before really knowing them, because they are largely the same personalities with subtle variance. It’s easy to blame social media for this, but I truly hope it’s all a surface level charade these women are putting on, or else I’m in for a long boring ride.



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