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Are you fighting the good fight to STOP those perverts from overrunning the schools where our children attended and now their children attend?
Are you for the gay movement to come in and take over your neighborhood, like they have done in parts of San Francisco and other neighborhood across the world with their vile gay pride parades and vulgar display of perversions in public, many times right in front of our innocent children?
Have you ever had to deal with a gay hedonistic exhibitionist?
What about those who are not gay but bring vulgarity by way of advertisements on huge billboards in your neighborhood?
Do you want your children to have to walk past some foul sexually explicit advertisement on their way to school everyday?

And you dare tell me to put my man pants on and I would feel better? For your information, I am NOT a man. I am a woman, a grown woman/grandmother, who is very concerned about what vulgarity the secular general public is allowing to be displayed in public view for everyone to see. How appalling is that to fight the good fight against the wicked? If they are not brought to the conviction of their sin by speaking out, it convicts, then how are we being used by not participating in the battle against the wicked whiles of the devil? To just go preach mushy type gospel is not what Jesus was all about! My God is not a God to just sit idle without using his servants to speak out against the wicked deeds of others. Nor does he not use his people to speak out against the wicked. He used Moses to speak out plenty! He used many many people to speak out to the wicked about their evil deeds. Don't tell me Michael Savage is in the wrong. He is not! There are plenty of scritpures in the bible that speak out against evil and call it for what it truly is. vile vulgar fornicators whores. there are plenty enough times in the bible where the sinner is called exactly what they are by name.



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