Little Rik #fundie

Atheists as the word say do not believe that there is a God but at the same time they march towards Him-Her.

Strange and bizarre isn't it?
How is possible?
God is not a toll man with long hairs and a beard as described by Christianity or is a man.
God is a spiritual entity but let us come to the point.
Why everybody march towards Him-Her?
God is perfection and everybody march towards perfection.
Even those who commit suicide do that in order to put an end to their problems and find peace of mind.
That of course doesn't work but the reason is there anyway.
Why would anyone try to improve themselves?
Why anyone try to find peace of mind and happiness all the time?
Why anyone would think that all his-her efforts wouldn't lead to perfection and peace of mind?
The reason is that there is no other way to go.
It is impossible to escape the situation in which we are.
Many people are smart and take little time to understand that there is no other way around to follow while other people take ages and ages to get it Shake Fist but at the end everybody get it.

(I am in no way seeking perfection. I will be lucky to break even!)

Let us see if you can pass the test.

Do you make an effort to breathe?
Do you like to go to bed when you are tired?
Do you put food in your mouth when you are hungry?
Do you feel like having sex sometime?

If you say yes yes yes yes then you seek the perfection.
Surviving is all about keeping your head above the water and that means trying to go ahead.
You may not know where you are going to.
That is irrelevant because something within tell you to continue.
Sooner or later you will know who is that entity within. :lightbulb:



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