Artyom_of_Moscow #transphobia

’Biological female’ and ‘biological male’ are outdated terms apparently

Outdated Terms -> Current Terms:

A transgender/transgendered -> Transgender

Female-to-Male (FTM) -> Trans Man

Male-to-Female (MTF) -> Trans Woman

Biologically Female -> Assigned Female at Birth (AFAB)

Biologically Male -> Assigned Male at Birth (AMAB)

Gender Identity Disorder (GID) -> Gender Dysphoria

Preferred Pronouns -> Personal Pronouns

Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) -> Gender Confirming Surgery (GCS)

I think we should use better terms:

Mentally ill

Female victim of gender based abuse

Male victim of gender based abuse or gender based fetishization



Gender Identity Disorder (mentally ill)

Pronouns (unless they ask for some nonsense, then “mental illness/narcissism.”)

Body mutilation



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