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The Zarian’s are a 9D and up race, they inhabit four planets in the Seraphus star system, which is located on the border perimeter of known space. The planets Anasym Alpha and Denuneb are within the boundary of known space and Claretus Minor and Calantrus Prime exist within the unknown space sector.

According to the Zarian channeled message there will be a major event in a couple of years, they said that approximately approaching the year 2020, Earth will be reaching the completion of its ascension process into our higher dimensional awareness cycle. During this time the moon will touch the sun. This means that the moon will be taken outside of Earth’s orbit and will do a five to six rotation orbit cycle around the sun to expedite the ascension process of Earth and its inhabitants. Once the rotation cycles of the moon around the sun have ended a tractor beam will be used to move the moon out of the Milky Way galaxy as the moon was originally brought to orbit alongside Earth from a distant star system and has been inhibiting the Earth ascension process for the past 26,000 years.

The moon is a crystalline space ship that is artificial in nature and it messes with the Earth's tides causing disruption of the weather patterns and seasonal changes, the Earth has the capability to regulate its tides without the artificial moon. I received an answer that the moon's anti matter gravity engine drives are damaged so it cannot travel through space anymore as it has been stationed orbiting near Earth for too long, this is what caused the damage to the engines, no movement in space. The dolphin people will be helping the Zarian's to tractor beam the moon away from Earth and our solar system. These dolphin people are called the Nommos, they are a race of beings that takes the physical forms of dolphins, whales, mermaids/mermen. The Nommos play an important role in Earth's evolution.



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