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God has Spoke to Me and Asked me to be his Messenger

Before you accuse me of substance abuse or simply undergoing the symptoms of psychedelics... I must ensure you that didn't take shrooms or any drugs that would alter my mental state. I think drug consumption is morally wrong.

I received an actual message from God. How do I know it was God? Well I'll tell you, when God speaks to you, you'll know. I was fully paralyzed, unable to move, with an angle above my face. He escorted my soul to heaven to speak with the creator where I saw what paradise was truly like. God took me here so I could parley this to the rest of the incel community, and those with faith could be saved from his wrath. In the future, I will tell you the full story on why I got so emotionally stressed that I had to leave the server, but for now, I'll tell you the most important morals I derived from my experience with God.

God did not intend for us to get girls, therefore we are closer to perfection as incels, thus it is BETTER for us to be incels.

The same logic applies to those who are in hell.

They are MEANT to be in hell for the sins they suffered, a soul suffering for their unrepented sins is objectively GOOD, it is as GOD INTENDED. Thus.... by sending a corrupt soul to heaven to be tortured forever, God is actually HELPING the soul, he is helping the soul achieve a perfect state of existence, that is external torture and suffering for sin. It may seem counterintuitive, even insane, that God would torture people because he loves them, but that is how God works, and God is always good and right. Our animalistic brains have a hard time understanding this concept. This logic also extends to inceldom. God made us incel and ugly because he loves us, because we are meant to be ugly and incel and thus it is perfect for us to be in such a state. God has told me that I will be a KHHV for all of eternity. I will never ever kiss a girl ever, or even touch one romantically. Even in heaven, I will still yearn for it but it will be forbidden for me and for that, I will not experience heaven to the same extent that more righteousness people do, but that is a GOOD thing.



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