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Nobody makes the claim that people are born homosexual. Those that do probably mean that they were homosexual as long as they can remember. So that might mean it forms in early life. You aren't doing your side any favors when you misrepresent the position of your opponents.

Roger Marks:
What planet do you live on?
In 1977, just over 10% of Americans thought gayness was something you were born with, according to Gallup. That number has steadily risen over time and is currently somewhere between 42% and 50%, depending on the poll. Throughout the same period, the number of Americans who believe homosexuality is “due to someone’s upbringing/environment” fell from just under 60% to 37%.
What we do know beyond a shadow of doubt, however, is that our preferences are often hard-wired into our bodies – they are not purely psychological and, far less, a “lifestyle choice” – a deeply misguided meme for which Sigmund Freud has much to answer.
For decades, “born this way” has been the rallying cry of the mainstream gay rights movement, a simple slogan cited as the basis for both political change and cultural acceptance.
A recent article argued that sexuality is down to choice, not genetics. But the scientific evidence says otherwise, and points to a strong biological origin.
That wil do for now but I could provide you with at least 50 more articles that claim you are born homosexual.



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