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What is GCR/Global Currency Reset?
Global Currency Reset will be a future financial system which is expected to launch in couple of months. Global Currency Reset is a financial system which will work independently without any influence of Cabal and Rothschild financial system. A financial future system which will increase the valuation of recessive currencies and will ultimately revalue the currencies including Iraqi Dinar (IQD), Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWD), Vietnamese Dong (VND) and numerous others. Global Currency Reset will eliminate the artificial Cabal based fluctuations which leads to the prevention of Currency crises and the pricing and valuation of the currencies will solely based on the country trade volume, reserve of precious metal assets & positive economic growth.
How to prepare for the Global Currency Reset?
The best way to prepare for Global Currency Reset is to accumulate valuable metals as much as you can and invest in these solid valuable metals because in future as the Global Currency Reset will be initiate it will revert all the major economies to it’s originate. The trade will be established on Gold standards relying on precious metals and will diminish the paper currency system especially US Dollar which is currently printed in infinite proportion without any mandatory Gold Backed security. I have encountered with many partisan Economists of Global Currency Reset and they are of the view that Global Currency Reset will increase the value of precious metals like Gold, Silver and Platinum as the economies will be backed by the Gold, Silver and Platinum. From the past few years if we analyze the Iraq constant accumulation of Gold, than it can easily be predicted that this Oil haven is expecting something great which is Global Currency Reset, so it can easily be predictable that we are going to have a Global Reset which will Revalue the Iraqi Dinar on the expectations which we are waiting for.



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