Grace Kim Kwon #fundie #wingnut

White people should never mock Christianity. All their goodness and intelligence is from Christianity. White people who mock Christianity are also mocking their own parents. Honor your father and your mother. Exodus 20. Parent-bashers do not get respect no matter how rich and powerful they are. White people should stay Christian to be moral on earth. Americans' lifespan got shortened because they disrespect their own Christian forefathers. Exodus 20. Like all others, Americans need Christianity for salvation and also for morality and happiness on earth.

In fact, all Western people who disrespect Christianity disrespect everything in the entire universe including their own life. Sad. Like all others, Westerners need Christianity for life and meaning.

I think rich secular nations are facing childlessness because of excessive immorality. Childlessness is a form of God's punishment upon the wicked nations. Read Isaiah chapter 40.



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